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Study is Important

One reason why I love Dongwan is because he is smart, curious and always work hard to get what he want. He know the life he will choose. He always learn new things in life. Not once he took language courses, Japanese and English. He told shcj himself who was waiting outside the dorm to study and gain her aims.

He is an artist that never left study behind. Other artist would say forget about study and focus only to earn money, but since I knew Shinhwa all I heard about him is how he gained new learn. How smart he is (such as traditional medicine and so on).

I love guy who love to study. It means he will always learn in life, know how to improve himself and people around him. He do things base on the knowledge and not only do it just because you can do it.

People who love to study will grow better and bigger while the opposite only sit on the same level.

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[News] Shinhwa's Andy "Reached an amicable agreement on the issue of modeling continue modeling" →


Shinhwa, which recently received demands for compensation and a cancellation of their modeling contract due to Andy’s illegal gambling charges, reached an amicable agreement with their advertiser.

A source from Roygen told OBS’ ‘Unique Entertainment News’ on the 12th through a phone call that…

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Oppayam fans

Oppayam why are you so handsome until I couldn’t take my eyes of you? The way you smile so charming until it hurts. Love you with all your good and bad

[Photo] Dongwan in Best Friend Center's photo gallery →


Mr. Kim, Shinhwa Kim Dongwan

These days they’ve been airing Mr. Kim again on TV.
I came to look through my old photos and remembered a time we were joined by Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan.
It’s already been 2 years; everyone was moved at how he studied Japanese and English so hard…

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"Hope you could feel me for every month of 2014." ♥

How do I say I love you baby~

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The way he hold the mic, looks innocent? lol

My handsome oppa ♥♥♥

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Since Shinhwa Company just released the new logo for their 16th Anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the meaning behind it.

Historically, each part of a coat of arms is chosen for a particular reason because every symbol has meaning behind it. The graphic designer who created Shinhwa’s coat of arms deserves a round of applause for giving them one with such deep meaning.

Even the way the colors change each year seems to have significance:

  • 2012: Red = Warrior/martyr, military strength and generosity
  • 2013: Orange = Worthy ambition
  • 2014: Black = Constancy (being faithful/dependable) or grief

The symbols of the coat of arms:

  • Phoenix Head = Resurrection
  • Star = Noble Person, Leadership, Excellence
  • Escutcheon (Shield) = Defense, Territorial Claim
  • Border on Shield = Augmentation of Honor
  • Double Swords = Justice and Military Honor
  • Knight = The Soul Guiding The Body, Man’s Journey Through Life
  • Wings = Swiftness and Protection
  • Cross = Faith, The Trinity (Unity)
  • Banner with Number (14, 15, 16) = Valiance of __ Years

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Why is this so sad?

Missing you Wannie so much

bahaha forever donghole.

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